Lockdown memory bank

Lockdown memory bank

During the spring of 2020, the coronavirus Covid-19 swept across the world. As a consequence nearly every country in the world was forced into lockdown to prevent the loss of many lives as well as help the NHS who might struggle to provide enough hospital treatment.

For us as a charity, it was desperately sad to shut and lock the doors to the community centre, and we are now waiting for the all clear to be given by the government. We know how much the building could help bring people together through difficult times. Even seeing the play park next door closed to ensure people keep to the social distancing, was desperately sad, knowing that this was invaluable to those with young children to help entertain them outdoors.

We decided we’d like to capture the stories and images of the local community whilst affected by the lockdown, and store in a memory vault in the grounds of the Arc Community Hub, to enable future generations to read, enjoy and understand the extraordinary times that local residents lived through.

We are asking for local residents to record their memories onto different media for us to store. Items may be triggered by the following questions:

  • What’s the best thing that has happened to you in this time?
  • What has been your biggest worry?

Here’s a list of some examples:

  • Audio recordings stored on memory sticks
  • Pictures of rainbows
  • Drawings
  • Booklets with colouring, writings from children / adults
  • Photos of lost loved ones to the virus
  • Diary of a day during lockdown
  • Games played over the weeks
  • Photos that capture the experience
  • Dried pasta, toilet rolls or other items that were in demand
  • Example of WhatsApp conversation on street groups
  • Shopping list
  • Newspaper articles
  • Posters of how to wash your hands whilst singing ‘Happy birthday’ twice!

Download a colouring booklet

We’ve been kindly given permission to distribute a specially created lockdown colouring booklet from http://phirefly.co.uk/ , which you can download and print off for your children to colour.

Please send in your information via email to memorybank@thearccommunityhub.org.uk, or large files using https://wetransfer.com/ or put small paper envelopes into our postbox.

We’ll then pull these together and store within a container. Rather than being a time capsule that isn’t opened for a long period of time, we’ve considered opening the vault at different times to take out items and remember this time.