When the charity was formed in 2014, the aim was to simply to build the centre. Over the past three years, the vision has evolved into something more than just a centre, to operate a number of projects from the community centre for the benefit of all in the Shelthorpe Ward of Loughborough.

Why the name? In wanting to name the community centre as something to be inclusive of all geographical areas of the local community, we spent some time thinking of many alternatives – finally after many alternatives The Arc was suggested.

The definition of arc:

a part of a curve, especially a part of the circumference of a circle.

a powerful flow of electricity that goes across a space between two points

The discharge of electricity between two points really struck a chord with the committee – we see the community centre as a place for bringing the local residents together and imparting knowledge, information or help.

In devising the logo using the arc, it suddenly dawned on us that the arc looked like a shelter. We see the community centre as being a place where the community can come together to seek friendship, fun, laughter but also support and help.