In line with government guidance, users of the Arc are required to wear face covering.

We have taken reasonable steps to promote compliance of wearing face coverings with a number of signs which have been put up on the inside of the building that can be seen prior to entrance of the building, and in a number of highly visible places within the building.

We are promoting the compliance and not enforcing it, as there may be cases where users of the Arc are not able to wear a face covering. This include (but are not limited to) children under the age of 11, because of physical or mental illness, or disability, and others listed on the Government guidance. 

Users and hirers of a community facility have responsibility for managing risks arising from their own activities when they have control of premises and should take account of any guidance relevant to their specific activity or sector.

If you have any concerns about attending a group running in the Arc and wearing a face covering, you should contact the organiser of the group which you are attending for further clarification or reasons for your not wearing a face covering.

Is it compulsory to wear face coverings whilst in the Arc?